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Seized and Abandoned Property Auction


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The Milam County Sheriff's Office is auctioning off seized and abandoned property on the website.  Anyone can bid on the property, simply create an account with and bid accordingly.  In order to locate the property items for sale from the Milam County Sheriff's Office, simply type "MILAM" into the search box on the home page and click the "search" button, this will list any items currently available for bid.  Check back over the next week or two for any recently added items for sale.  Typically newly added items will be available for up to two weeks for bidding.   

Please remember that auction end times are based on EST time zone and therefore are one hour ahead of our time zone.  

The online auction for a 2007 H3 Hummer, 2008 Chevrolet 3500, and 2008 Pontiac G6 is in progress and will end on February 19, additional items will be added to the auction including a 2014 John Deere Skid-steer, small trailer, lawnmower and more. 

Please note that after the auction, winning bidders will be given a VTR-71 Auction Sales Receipt which can be used to obtain titles to any purchased vehicles.  The trailer in the auction will come with a separate auction sales receipt, but TxDOT title rules indicate that any un-titled trailers auctioned will have to be inspected by an Auto-theft Task Force agent in order to get the proper documentation for title.  This rule changed a few years back and will not allow the Local Agencies to fill out the form any longer, so please note that the process to get auctioned trailers titled takes a bit longer.  

Thank You