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Sheriff David Greene Memorial Service


Mark you calendars!

There will be a memorial ceremony held on Friday, July 19th at 6:00 pm at the Milam County Sheriff's Office.  The service will be in honor and recognition of Sheriff David Greene who passed away on July 20, 2018.  

David Greene served Texas and Milam County as a Game Warden, Constable, and Sheriff from 1977 until July of 2018.  The sadness of his passing was felt far and wide throughout Texas, but even more so here in Milam County. 

Everyone who visited the Milam County Sheriff's Office during the eleven years of his service as Sheriff, knew that Sheriff Greene could be found at the back door, smoking a cigarette, and discussing, solving and keeping up to date on the issues and problems facing Milam County.  The back door was commonly referred to the "back porch" and so we felt that a memorial plaque placed at the "back-porch" in his honor was something he would have approved of.  

This is an open and outdoor event that everyone is invited to attend.  It is our hope that having the service at 6 pm will allow people to come by and attend the service after getting off of work.  We do not believe the service will take very long, or at least there will not be any speakers, we just hope to show everyone the plaque and say a few words of remembrance for a true servant of the people and then close with a prayer. 

A section of the North-east parking lot will be closed off for the attendees however we believe that there will be plenty of parking throughout the rest of the complex.   

"We continue to miss Sheriff David Greene every day and we want to make certain that the memory of his service to the people and to his employees will forever be remembered, even after we too are gone." - Sheriff Chris White