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New Technology To Assist Milam County Law Enforcement


The Milam County District Attorney Bill Torrey and Sheriff Chris White teamed up last Thursday to donate funds from their seizure accounts for the purchase of a "Total-Station".  The Highway Patrol Office in Cameron will use the funds to purchase a Sokkia IM-55 Total Station to be used to measure major crime scenes and traffic crash scenes. 

Total Station Total Station in Action

The Sokkia Total Station is a precise measuring instrument commonly used for surveying, construction, and forensic mapping for law enforcement.  The Highway Patrol will utilize the "Total-Station" when they reconstruct major crash scenes, and will available to respond for other Milam County law enforcement agencies to assist in mapping crime scenes.  The capabilities of the "Total-Station" will enhance our investigations exponentially.  The data the system collects is used to recreate two-dimensional and three-dimensional images along with multiple angle views of how a crime scene or crash site looked.  This type of recreation of the scene is precise and to scale, which gives a clear and total picture of a crime or crash scene, not just individual points of interest as recorded through photographs.  A key element to using this type of technology is certified training and the Highway Patrol already has personnel who have had the extensive training and certifications in the proper use and operation of the "Total-Station". 

Total Station Reconstruction Total Station Crash Reconstruction Image.jpg

"We believe the technology is going to be a huge benefit to Milam County criminal investigations and prosecutions.  We appreciate the forward thinking of our local Highway Patrol and the huge part they will contribute in providing local availability and immediate use of this "Total-Station" technology", - Sheriff C. White