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Estray Livestock Notices


This section will  be updated as needed for the proper placement and notice of estray livestock - other than cattle.  We post the estray notices of cattle in the Cameron Herald for two consecutive weeks prior to the sale of the cattle. 

All other estray livestock such as horses, goats, sheep, etc. are posted here for proper notice prior to sale.  The Milam County Livestock Exchange located in Cameron, is where all estrays are properly kept until redeemed or sold.   


November 6, 2020

Filled out Estray Form Describing a Miniature Horse found on County Road 206 on November 6, 2020.jpg



September 27, 2020

White and Brown Billy-Goat Estray 09-27-2020.jpg


August 7, 2019

Paint Horse off CR 429.jpg


October 17, 2019

Estray Ram 10-17-2019.jpg