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Livestock and Fence Damage Program

   We are starting a new program at the Milam County Sheriff's Office. If you're a farm or ranch owner, please contact the Sheriff's Office to fill out a form. Once filled out, we will provide you with a numbered placard. This numbered placard will be exclusive to you and your property. Place the signs on your gate and or other portions of your fence line. This will enable our deputies to better locate a livestock owner or land owner in case a fence is damaged or livestock is out. This program will also allow a land owner to use the assigned number to place on property such as side by sides, tractors, 4 wheelers or any other equipment. If a deputy or trooper or officer, for example, observes a piece of equipment being transported on a trailer and the equipment with the assigned number doesn't match the registered trailer owner, law enforcement may investigate further. This program has been paid for through donated funds. Big thanks to Deputy Stephen Hanel for spearheading this program!


We have provided a fillable form here and at the link below.  Once you click on the form, you can fill it out online.  You can either print out the form and turn into the Sheriff's Office, or you can save the completed form.  Completed forms can be emailed to Deputy Hanel, who is coordinating the program.

Livestock and Fence Damage Program Fillable Form