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Dispatch / Communications

Dispatcher / Telecommunications Officers


The Milam County Sheriff's Office has Eight Telecommunications Officers and One Dispatch Supervisor who perform diligently as primary first responders for all of the county.  These officers monitor the phones and radios and dispatch all types of calls to Sheriff's Deputies and other first responders throughout Milam County.    These officers are generally the first persons our citizens will be in contact with when they are calling for help, or giving information.  Our Dispatch/Communications Officers typically receive an average of 550 calls for service each month.  This data only includes the calls that a "Call-for-Service" sheet is generated for, it does not include numerous other calls for information, questions, or data sharing between all of the other agencies in the country.  

Telecommunication Officers are tasked with numerous responsibilities including confirming warrants and other data requests for any agency that contacts them via the Texas and National Crime Information Center (TCIC/NCIC) terminals, or entry of information on fugitives or missing persons, or even stolen property and vehicles.  Telecommunication Officers also have to complete annual training courses in order to maintain their licensing through the State of Texas

Our Telecommunications Officers are the lifeline of numerous men and women who patrol the streets of Milam County; they are the safe-keepers of those keeping you safe




Communications Supervisor -

M. Freeman




S. Lopez

Communications Officer


J. Mueck

Communications Officer


B. Cooper

Communications Officer

Sheriff White and Jail Staff B-20323.jpg

J. Diver

Communications Officer


F. Rickman

Communications Officer


Map of the County and Jurisdiction