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Milam County Jail

For making contact with an inmate by mail please write to -

Milam County Jail

((Inmate Name)) 

512 N. Jefferson Suite B

Cameron Texas 76520

If you wish to send the inmate money for them to spend via commissary - send a money order to the above listed address and pay to the order of "Inmate Commissary - ((Inmate's Name))".  Do not send cash or checks. 


Inmate Visitation:

Thursdays - 2pm to 4pm

Sundays - 1pm to 3pm 


If you have any questions please call 254-697-7063 


More to this site is coming soon.  

A lot of information to enter here with our excellent Officers and Deputies working to keep the jail running smoothly and to keep inmates safely locked up.  

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