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Patrol Division

The Milam County Sheriff's Office Patrol Division is comprised of Criminal Interdiction units and Traffic Interdiction units: 

Eight (8) Patrol Deputies who are dedicated to answering your calls for service,  these daily calls can range from some of the simplest calls such as a cow on the side of the road, to the worst of calls like sexual assault or homicide.  The Milam County Sheriff's Office averages approximately 675 calls for service each month or twenty-two calls each day.  Some of these calls are transfers for other departments in the county, like Thorndale PD or Buckholts PD, however the majority keep our deputies moving from one call to the next.  When not answering calls for service, our deputies are tasked with actively engaging in criminal interdiction (searching for criminal activity) on our county roadways. IMG_9306 - 1.jpg

We try to be a presence on the back roads in order to locate and identify suspicious activity or thieves.  Additionally, these same eight Deputies are tasked with conducting criminal and drug interdiction on the highways throughout Milam County.  The Sheriff's Office has located numerous criminals, drug dealers, and fugitives traveling our county highways, and we will continue that effort. 

Deputy B. Wier.jpg

Lt. B. Weir

Deputy N. Law.jpg

Sgt. N. Law

Deputy J. Mendoza.jpg

Deputy J. Mendoza

Sgt S. Ferguson V.jpg

Sgt. S. Ferguson V

Deputy J. Paniagua.jpg

Deputy J. Paniagua

Deputy R. Blankemeier.jpg

Deputy R. Blankemeier


Two (2) Traffic Deputies who have the primary responsibility of enforcing traffic laws and conducting criminal and drug interdiction on Milam County roads.  These deputies are also responsible for assisting in answering calls for service when other deputies are unavailable or tied up with other calls. 

Traffic Stop.jpg


Deputy J. Perez.jpg

Deputy J. Perez